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Greenland Conference 2018

Greenland is about more than just beautiful landscapes and climate change. It is also an island with plenty of resources in the ground and in the sea. It is a country full of resourceful people, who are resilient in tough conditions and ambitious about their future.
This year's DI Greenland Conference 2018 puts focus on investments, infrastructure and raw materials. The latter including both the people in the country and the raw materials in the ground.

At the conference you will hear about what it would take for Greenland to be economically independent in the future.

Learn how the Sustainable Development Goals play a role in having the right workforce, and how new mining opportunities can create new jobs.

Hear from some of Greenland’s leading business owners and experts about what it takes for the country of 56,000 people to prepare for the future.

Some of the speakers on the day will be:

  • CEO Karsten Dybvad, Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Greenlandic Premier Kim Kielsen, Siumut
  • CEO Mikael Thinghuus, Royal Greenland
  • Geologist Minik Rosing, Copenhagen University
  • Chairman Flemming Knudsen, Hudson Resources
  • CEO Eldur Olafsson, Alopex Gold

The conference will be held in English, and a light lunch will be served before the conference begins.

5. december kl. 11.00 - 17.00

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18
1553 København V

DI Greenland Conference 2018

Greenland Conference 2018
5. december kl. 11.00 - 17.00 
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