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What we do

The Base of the Pyramid refers to people living at the base of the economic pyramid globally. While these customers have little money in their pockets, they collectively make up a strong and growing global market segment with distinct preferences and needs.

Supporting companies and organizations on how to address these needs is at the heart of the Learning Lab. The Learning Lab is hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry and is part of a global network of Labs focusing on low income markets and inclusive business models.

The BoP Learning Lab  is based on four pillars: Apply, Learn, Share, and Partner.

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Direct: +45 3377 4837
Mobile: +45 3016 6521
E-mail: lpoudi.dk
The Learning Lab has supported +80 companies ranging from initial opportunity assessment, over market research, feasibility studies, to strategies and support for financing and scale.
Innovative partnerships are at the heart of many successful BoP business models. The Learning Lab works closely with a range of like-minded organizations to pool resources and competencies.
The ‘Learning Lab’ is exactly this – a laboratory for practical learning. The Learning Lab works closely together with a range of partners to generate and document best practice.
Translating learning and ideas into corporate action and value is part of our DNA. The Learning Lab has hosted or supported 20+ workshop and events.