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BoP Resources
The BOP Learning Lab has accumulated an extensive understanding of working with the base of the pyramid. Much of our research and practical experience is shared in the guidance material listed below.
  • This guide is targeted at reaching the global community of inclusive business players who have an interest in the FMCG sector in BoP markets.
  • Sustainable Danish solutions within food and agriculture, water and sanitation, energies and cities.
  • This report looks at the background and limitations of frugal innovation. Which technologies are changing the playing field for frugal innovation and how will they do so And what this means for Nordic companies?
  • This guide, ‘My Home, Your Business’, hopes to show that the BoP housing market also offers business opportunities.
  • Many economies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are growing rapidly—creating opportunities for local populations and companies alike. Obviously, one of the major barriers to entering these markets is financing. How do you set up a viable business strategy when your potential customer is living on less than two dollars a day?
  • The BOP Learning Lab has developed a guidance toolbox to help companies start doing business in developing countries.
  • In March 2010, DIBD arranged a study trip for a group of Danish and South African companies.
  • The DIBD publication 'Energize the Poor' presents the opportunities Nordic companies have in the BOP-energy market
  • The DIBD publication 'Working with the Bottom of the Pyramid' is a great introduction on how to do business with the BOP.
BoP Learning Lab
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External Resourses
Danida Business
Danida offers different support mechanisms for project development focusing on sustainable business.
Check out the virtual match-making site that connects social innovators to business coaches, impact investors and other entrepreneurs.
IBAN gathers stakeholders working globally with inclusive business.