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Learn how to digitalise with LEGO bricks and VR glasses

At the new SAP Experience Center in Copenhagen, companies can develop and test out digital solutions - whether it be through VR glasses or built out of LEGO.
Guests on a tour of SAP Experience Center during its opening. Here in the physical workshop, the garage. Photo: SAP

Publiceret: 11.10.2017
Af Sara Krog P. Knudsen mail

On top of its Copenhagen branch in Nordhavn, German software giant SAP has created a digital experience centre.

On Thursday, 5 October, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Brian Mikkelsen and head the Danish Parliament’s SIRI Commission Ida Auken stopped by for the inauguration of the new centre.

The digital experience centre is filled with LEGO bricks, a 3D printer and VR glasses, which are intended to help companies with their digital transformation.

For instance, a toy train shows a solution that can locate errors in trains early enough to prevent them from causing delays.

In another area, a camera can scan your body and provide you with product recommendations based on images trending on Instagram.

And behind a garage door hides a veritable workshop with screwdrivers, a hammer and hand saw. Here, companies are meant to physically create the desired solutions.

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How do you make a concept concrete?

The point of the centre is to make digital ideas as real as possible. Companies are here able to see what a software solution would look like in practice with the help of prototypes. This is necessary when it comes to digitalisation, because the concept cannot immediately be comprehended visually.

The new experience centre therefore contains both a virtual meeting room and a physical workshop, the garage, says Jesper Schleimann, Nordic CTO at SAP.

“We talk a lot about digitalisation, but how do we make it concrete? The centre here is meant to be a physical platform that concretises the concept. We don’t only want to inspire, but also to help generate ideas and illustrate what a certain solution will look like in practice,” he says.

The centre is the first of its kind in the Nordic region, and it has been established by SAP together with Apple, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel and Nespresso.

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Digital windmills

One of the companies that has long used SAP’s software solutions is Vestas.

The windmill group’s most recent digitalisation project is a portal that makes it easier to coordinate the construction of windmills.

Vestas has pulled sketches and post-its off the bulletin board and digitalised it all. If, for example, the weather is too windy or a supplier is delayed, the new software gathers all the information so that Vestas employees only have to look in one place.

That is a major advantage for employees, who request that all data be mobile so it can be taken along to the construction site, says Per Michael Nielsen, Director SAP Technology, Vestas.

“The challenge is to ensure that users have all the data they need. That’s where SAP comes into the picture with platforms that allow us to combine data located in different places and create mobile solutions,” he says.

2,700 companies currently undergoing digital transformation

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) has been in touch with over 2,700 companies to hear how they plan to adapt digitally - and many are well underway, says Christian Hannibal, head of DI's Digital Taskforce.

He highlights the fact that sooner or later, the development will affect everyone.

“In the future, all companies will become digital companies in one way or another. That is why a centre such as this is a good idea, so that even more companies get even better at rethinking their business in light of new digital possibilities,” he says.

Until the end of 2017, DI is focusing specifically on digitalisation with the project DI’s Digital Taskforce. Its objective is to put the concept on the political agenda and help companies adapt to a more digital future.

We don’t only want to inspire, but also to help generate ideas and illustrate what a certain solution will look like in practice.
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