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Labour Market

DI provides an extensive range of services covering all areas of employment and labour law, vocational training, wages and statistics, and a safe and healthy work environment.
  • DI provides legal advice on all aspects of employment and labour law. Learn more about collective agreements, expatriation and foreign labour in Denmark, legislation in Denmark, transfer of business undertakings and collective dismissals, and annual working time.
  • DI offers a wide range of products and templates in English.
  • Learn more about the Danish Model and collective agreements.
  • DI can guide you to relevant information or provide a wide range of consulting resources regarding vocational training and apprentices.
  • DI can provide a wide range of consulting resources to assist you in preparing statistics on employment and wages and salaries.
  • DI provides assistance and services in the field of OSH (Occupational Safety and Health).
Contact information

If you have questions related to legal issues regarding staff, you can call DI between 8 am and 5 pm at +45 3377 3377 or send an e-mail:

Advice about employees
You can read more about conditions regarding employees on the Danish site:
Global Leadership Academy
The Global Leadership Academy offers a variety of open-enrollment activities ranging from workshops, seminars, conferences, to global leadership development programs.
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