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Leading across Borders
Global Mindset
Cross-cultural Cooperation
What is global leadership?
Virtual Collaboration
Leading Paradoxes
Global Leadership practice and development revisited;
Exploring 3 roles - Discovering 7 dualities
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Gain INSIGTHS and knowledge about how to handle global leadership challenges.

Please find reports and results of research conducted as part of the activities in the Global Leadership Academy under REPORTS.

... places higher demands on the agility of practicing leadership, because not every situation, relationship, or context calls for the same leadership approach.

Effective global leaders are those that can toggle between differing business environments, multi-cultural contexts, and a broad range of employee backgrounds and motivations even when these call for very different approaches. 

At the core, managers must have a solid grasp of the traditional managerial and leadership practices.

Furthermore, managers must have a holistic mindset; i.e. thinking and acting both local and global.  

Additionally, managers need to be able to adjust their leadership style and practices to different contexts, situations and people.

Finally, leadership and collaboration across "distance" requires more effort in terms of preparation, follow-through, and follow-up.