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Revolutionizing the Colombian Infrastructure and Environment

This week, 11 Danish companies are visiting Colombia. Why Colombia? Read more here.
Meeting with Acueducto Bogota, which manages waste water, potable water, rainwater and sewage service for the Bogota Area.

I arrived to Bogotá, Colombia Saturday, and right upon arrival, I was told that I was lucky. Tomorrow is Sunday, and the environmental mayor has decided to close several roads in Bogotá to allow bikes to drive around in order to minimize air pollution. This is just one example of the steps taken to meet some of the environmental and infrastructure challenges in Bogotá.

Colombia is experiencing significant economic growth; however, growth comes with environmental and infrastructural challenges. This week, 11 Danish companies are visiting four Colombian cities to offer their solutions within environment, energy and infrastructure. The program is packed, and the Danish companies will meet some of the largest players on the Colombian market.
The large cities in Colombia have had major problems with air pollution, which is one of the main drivers for introducing bike routes and car free Sundays. Furthermore, the Colombian cities are combating challenges within waste - and water management, and are looking for solutions to meet these challenges and the country's national goals.
Finally, in the wake of the recent Peace Agreement with FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) there is an enormous need for a development of the rural areas, where FARC has previously dominated. The need includes a development of the infrastructure, but the environment is also a subject of further development. 
Among others, the Danish companies are meeting public water management companies, environmental mayors, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (the major public Company in Medellín for energy), some of the largest private companies in Colombia, including Grupo Argos, which invests in sustainable infrastructure and Promigas, and Cardique in Cartagena.
Colombia is one of the countries in Latin America with the fastest economic development, and the market opportunities for Danish companies are hard to miss.

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