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Latin America Business Forum

Are you looking to increase your business in Latin America, and need knowledge about the countries and network? Join our Latin America Business Forum

Latin America is experiencing a period of near unprecedented stability in terms of business development. Despite occasional setbacks, the region continues to distance itself from its reputation as a volatile destination for foreign exporters and investors. Despite the progress, however, Danish companies still hesitate.

Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Copenhagen Business School have created Latin America Business Forum with the aim of promoting trade and investment between Denmark and countries in Latin America. Our goal is to inform about regional opportunities and strengths, strengths and weaknesses.

The principal aim of the Latin American Business Forum is to inform Danish companies about the business opportunities in the region and to create a venue for networking between companies interested in the region and relevant private and public decision makers from Denmark and the Latin American countries.

Every year a number of seminars and other events will be hosted, where we will share relevant knowledge concerning Latin America, business opportunities, commercial trends, and networl. Furthermore, you will receive all invitations to larger activities in the region, including export promotions, expositions and key account meetings.

  • Network with both Danish companies operating in the region and with relevant network from the region
  • Knowledge concerning the region and trends
  • Invitations to all DI commercial activities in and about Latin America
  • 3-4 annual seminars
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Tlf: +45 3377 3375
Mobil: +45 2616 7248
E-mail: kalcdi.dk
Who can participate

The network is for companies that wish to expand their trade with the Latin American region and want more knowledge about the region. Membership of the Business Forum is free, but there can be a participation fee on the activities to cover expenses.

To become a member write Kathrine Lyster-Clausen

PUBLICERET: 19-12-2016 OPDATERET: 06-09-2017