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Do you want to receive our offers in and about Latin America?

The Latin America Network is a regional network for DI members operating in Latin America. As a member of the Latin America Network, you are sure to get a range of offers that could be relevant for your Latin American activities.

Latin America Network is a regional network for members of DI International Business Network.

Many Latin America economies have benefited from strengthening economic recoveries and is now experiencing a new era of economic growth and business opportunities. Despite occasional setbacks, the region continues to distance itself from its reputation as a volatile destination for foreign exporters and investors. Some countries are already middle-income level, and almost all countries in the region have experienced substantial economic progress the past 10 years.

Latin America has become attractive to new investors within various industries due to:

  • Macroeconomic soundness
  • Policy Trade Integration
  • Large domestic markets

Areas that offer interesting trends include healthcare, green solutions, urban development, food and ICT.

Latin America Network

The DI Latin American Network is a free offer relevant for all member companies already operating in or have intentions on expanding into the Latin American Market.

As a member of the Latin America Network you receive direct information concerning:

  • Conferences and exclusive meetings with Latin American business people and decision makers when they visit Denmark
  • Networking opportunities with other business people with an active interest in Latin America
  • Professionally focused knowledge and offers regarding activities in Latin America
  • Meetings with an open exchange of experiences, potentials and issues relevant to your business
  • Incoming delegations, export promotions and participation in expositions.

Do you want to make sure that you receive invitations and information regarding these services? Then sign up to the network here. You can also follow our activities and gain more knowledge on LinkedIn.

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