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Delegation Visit to Cuba

BUSINESS DELEGATION: The Confederation of Danish Industry and Advisor Ole Sohn will take your company to Cuba to learn more about the market opportunities for Danish companies, and to match Danish companies with relevant Cuban organizations from 8-11 May 2017.

Cuba has 11.5 million inhabitants and 4 million yearly visiting tourists. The island was brought into the center of attention some years ago, when the country started an economic reform process, and the U.S. initiated a lift of the U.S. restrictions. Additionally, the EU and Cuba in December 2016 signed a new agreement about cooperation and trade. The Danish Export Credit Agency has furthermore included Cuba in their portfolio.

What makes Cuba attractive?

  • A highly educated and skilled workforce
  • A new and rapidly growing private sector
  • Geographically Cuba is placed centrally in the Americas, and the island has international airports and a new deep-water harbour
  • Cuba is continuously working on reforming its economy and improving conditions for international business


Participants will be introduced to key players from five sectors, and will gain a unique insight into how to make solutions available or strengthen business. Your company will gain insight into the market opportunities, the players and regulations. On this delegation visit you will be able to:

  • Present your solutions to top level management from relevant organizations
  • Gain insight into procurement processes
  • Meet sector and market specialists and find new business opportunities
  • Networking opportunity with relevant local stakeholder


The business delegation to Cuba is relevant for companies working with all areas of

  • Energy
  • Water Management
  • Agribusiness, Food & Food Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Construction and Infrastructure
What the Cubans need

The Cuban government has announced plans to develop its energy sector with a bigger share of renewable energy, and is working to attract foreign companies with high levels of expertise and know-how, particularly in wind power, solar energy and biomass energy.

Cuba is challenged by drought conditions, and in November 2015, Cuban authorities announced a national program to combat effects of drought, including investments to conserve water. Furthermore, Cuba faces challenges regarding wastewater treatment, where wastewater treatment plants in Cuba only provide some degree of treatment.                                     

Cuba’s agriculture sector has traditionally been vital to the economy with products such as sugar and tobacco. However, the agriculture sector is experiencing a lack of technology and modernization. The Cuban tourism industry has a heavy influence on the agricultural imports and hospitality industry, and the island is aiming at producing more efficiently, but also at importing larger sums of food to meet the increasing demand.

Ageing, an increase in obesity and problems with tobacco and alcohol mean that Cuba’s citizens are now dying of the same diseases that higher income countries face, namely heart disease, stroke and cancer. The Cuban government is responding to these challenges with investment in public health education concerning smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise.

Cuba is prioritizing construction among the important sectors that it aims to attract foreign investment. Construction projects include the Mariel Special Development Zone, construction of buildings, and underlying infrastructure, as well as conservation of historic structures and neighborhoods. Aged roads and airports require upgrading, and Cuba is in need of modern construction equipment.

Read more about the sectors in the Invitation

Practical information

Date: 8-11 May 2017

Venue: Havana, Cuba

Price: 20,100 DKK + VAT (2 people per company)

The price is calculated on a basis of 7 participating companies.

Registration: Please register by filling out the online form. Deadline for binding registration is Monday 31 March 2017.

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