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Chile and Colombia Healthcare Delegation Visit

DELEGATION: Join the Minister for Equal Opportunities and Nordic Cooperation on this Healthcare Delegation Visit to Chile and Colombia. This four-day visit to Santiago and Bogotá will introduce you to decision-makers and distributors in both the public and private healthcare sector that are looking towards the Nordic countries for solutions.

Chile and Colombia are two of Latin America’s emerging markets with booming economies and increasing growth. Chile is with its nearly 18 million inhabitants the sixth largest market in Latin America while Colombia with its 47 million inhabitants is the third largest market. Both countries have experienced fast-emerging economies within the last decade, and they continue to grow.

Participants will be introduced to key players within the healthcare sector and will gain valuable insight into challenges and opportunities in both markets. The aim is to strengthen your business by identifying market opportunities and presenting your solutions to the healthcare sector. As a participant, you will have the exclusive opportunity to:

· Present your solutions to top level management from   both the public and private healthcare sector
· Present your solutions to key distributors
· Gain insight into procurement processes
· Meet sector specialists and find new business opportunities in the healthcare sector
· Networking opportunities – share and find inspiration with both relevant stakeholders and your sector companions

The business delegation to Chile and Colombia is relevant for companies working within all areas of healthcare. To name a few, it is relevant for pro-ducers of:

· Medical devices
· Rehabilitation equipment
· Service and operational solutions
· Providers of e-health solutions
· Pharmaceuticals


According to the latest data from the World Bank, healthcare spending reached 7,8% of the Chilean GDP in 2014. After joining the OECD, Chile has begun comparing its health status with those in high-income countries. Thus, Chile was one of the first countries in Latin America to introduce healthcare funded through deductions from salary. All workers are mandated to pay 7% of their income to healthcare to either the public healthcare system or a private insurance. Around 20% of the population has private health insurances, while the remaining 80% are covered by the public system. Though many initiatives have been taken within the public sector, the private sector is a front-runner for innovation and investment in Chile and are renowned for having some of the highest standards in the whole region.

Some of the main challenges are lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, depressions, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases with 40% of the adult population being overweight. Moreover, Chile faces a growing prevalence of chronic diseases in an aging population, increasing costs, insufficient prevention and health-promotion activities. Aging and lack of specialists in rural areas increases the demand for technology services such as telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, which is estimated to grow exponentially.


According to the latest data from the World Bank, Colombian healthcare spending reached 5.4 pct. of the Colombian GDP in 2014. Colombia has done major efforts to expand health coverage to every inhabitant. Income inequality is one of the greatest challenges in expanding health care totally. In Colombia, the population is divided into a rural population and an urban population, and in the rural population, many experience poor access to health. Colombia views healthcare as a basic human right and in 1991, a new reform paved the way for universal health care. In 1990, around 16 pct. of the population had health insurance. In 2016 this number had increased to 97 pct. as a result of the universal healthcare scheme that is being implemented in Colombia.

Areas of specific relevance in Colombia include rehab and mental health due to the armed conflict which the country is only recently coming out of. Other areas include chronical diseases and elderly care as the country is preparing itself for demographic changes which will require increased attention within these areas.

Practical Information

23-26 October 2017.

DKK 20,000 excl. VAT
per participating company (2 participants per company).

Registration Deadline: 28 August 2017.

The price is calculated on a basis of eight participating companies and approved 50 per cent subsidy by The Danish Trade Council. Meals mentioned in the tentative program are included in the price.

Flights and hotels are not included in the price.

Expenses not mentioned in the tentative program are not included in the price.

Practical Information
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