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B2B matchmaking with three major industry zones in China

The Danish Cleantech Hub in Shanghai invites you to join an exciting 5 days of official B2B meetings with Chinese enterprises and institutions in tier 1, and 2 cities, in collaboration with the “International Clean Technology Promotion Mission” in the National Economic and Technology Development Zones, organized by the Green Development League.
Cities all over China are embarking on ambitious green transitions, pushed by popular demand and accentuated by central government legislation.
This road show is a chance for foreign stakeholders to get an in-depth understanding and interpretation of pollution and energy policies, relevant laws and regulations and to locate Chinese companies who are looking for oversea solutions.

From December 3rd – December 8th, 2017, the Green Development League of the National Economic and Technology Development Zones will be the host of a road show to three different cities in three different provinces. The main purpose of this road show is to support foreign clean technology enterprises in understanding China’s domestic energy conservation, environmental protection policies and market orientation. This is essential to expedite cooperation between international cleantech suppliers and China’s technology adopters and to improve green development of national industrial parks.
Practical Information

Where: Tianjin City
Hefei City, Anhui Province
Changsha, Hunan Province

When: 3-8 December 2017

Price: DKK 7,500 excl. VAT

Registration: Please register by clicking on the link below. Registration deadline is 10 October

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PUBLICERET: 27-09-2017 OPDATERET: 27-09-2017