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Transport and Logistics Network – a Danish strongpoint on a global scale

Do you want to be updated on the latest news about the transport and logistics sector - and to hear about upcoming expos and conferences, then join DI’s Transport and Logistics Network.

Denmark is internationally recognized as a frontrunner in several areas of technology with global impact. An example is the transports and logistics sector. Transport by sea, road, rail, and air increases in step with the speed at which society develops. Danish logistic companies are well known worldwide because of efficient, sustainable and intelligent technologies and solutions, but it is an industry of constantly fierce competition.

Transport and logistics should be seen in context with supply chains. Logistics are a methodical approach to integrate, optimize and develop improvements for supply chains. Today, cooperation is an essential element of the solutions. Danish industry strongpoints include smart solutions and great coordination. Well thought out routes combined with good infrastructure and connections, makes Danish logistics efficient, which is what other markets demand and what makes us pioneers in the logistics world.

Transport and logistics is an important sector representing a range of businesses and whether it is in regards to shipping or distribution companies, Denmark is a leading country. The network is therefore relevant for companies within:

  • Logistics & Supply Chains 
  • Logistics Management 
  • 3rd party logistics services
  • Freight forwarding 
  • Packaging 
  • Warehousing
  • Storage and distribution 
  • Corporate logistics
  • Pallet trucks

To assist Danish companies, Confederation of Danish Industry continuously invites you to events and activities related to the transportation and logistics sector, where you will gain important knowledge of your opportunities as well as expanding your network within the field.  

Transportation and Logistics Network

The Transportation and Logistics Network is a free offer, relevant for all DI members that operate in this particular industry. Companies working with transportation of goods, shipping, general transportation and different types of logistics are urged to join.

As a member of the network, you will receive invitation to different events connected to transportation and logistics and information concerning:

  • Invitations to foreign trade fairs and trade delegations within the sector
  • Offers concerning conferences, networks and exclusive meetings in Denmark
  • Analysis and general information on the transportation and logistics sector
  • Advice on establishment, partner search, subcontracting and sales management

Do you want to make sure that you receive invitations and information regarding these services? Then sign up to the network here.

You can also follow our activities and gain more knowledge on LinkedIn.

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