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Join our International Hospital Development Projects Network!

Join our International Hospital Development Project Network and receive key information, benefitting your international business opportunities within the field.

An increased share of elderly citizens and a growing demand for high-quality care have put enormous pressure on hospitals worldwide. Most of the hospitals in the developed world originates from the 1950s or 1960s and no longer meet the requirements of today. As a result, the market for constructing new or refurbishing old hospitals are on the rise: By 2025, experts project that more than 10% of all hospitals are to undertake smart hospital initiatives that will improve the productivity and quality of treatment.

Denmark is a frontrunner in hospital development and construction of new hospitals, and Danish companies are world renowned within areas such infrastructure efficiency, life science, IT implementation and sustainable construction. These competencies are of high demand worldwide - so why not use Danish expertise and knowhow internationally?

The Hospital Development Project Network
The DI Hospital Development Project Network is a free offer relevant for all member companies that provides services and products to hospital development projects. As a member of the Hospital Development Projects Network, you receive direct information concerning:

  • Conferences and exclusive meetings with business people and decision makers when they visit Denmark
  • Networking opportunities with other business people with active interest in the hospital sector
  • Incoming delegation, export promotions and participation in exhibitions

Do you want to make sure that you receive invitations and information regarding these services? Then sign up for the network here.

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