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The global desire to invest in infrastructure, major construction projects and sustainable projects has never been stronger. However, the resourceful investments combined with the increasing sustainable requirements determines the need for thorough consultancy. In this field, Danish companies are world class.

It is difficult to overlook the massive investments on a global scale. The U.S. is investing USD 1 trillion in roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. Dubai is investing massively in the Aviation industry, China is investing in water transfer projects and Germany is raising its spending on roads and railways.
Evidently, the global investments are notable and according to OECD, essential for a continued world growth. It has been estimated that USD 3.3 trillion needs to be invested each year to support the current growth rates. Hence, the Danish consultancy industry faces enormous potential on global markets. 

The Danish expertise and experience with sustainable projects has earmarked Danish consultancy companies as some of the best in the world. It is especially the knowledge of environmental technologies, understanding of customer’s preferences and the ability to form business relationships that has resulted in this beneficial position on the global market.
Even so, Danish companies are not eminently qualified to deliver consultancy to major, global projects. Therefore, Danish consultancy companies constantly must position themselves, with the aim of enhancing their market share.

To assist Danish companies, Confederation of Danish Industry continuously invites Danish companies to events about the consultancy industry, whereas you will gain important knowledge of your opportunities as well as expanding your network within the field.

The Consultancy Network 
The DI Consultancy Network is a free offer, relevant for all DI member companies that operate in the field of consultancy.

As a member of the Consultancy Network, you will be invited to relevant activities, for example the Melbourne City Development, and receive direct information concerning:

  • Conferences and exclusive meetings with business people and decision makers when they visit Denmark
  • Networking opportunities with other business people with an active interest in the consultancy sector
  • Incoming delegations, export promotions and participation in expositions

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