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Join our International Business Network for the Energy Sector

Is your company active in the energy sector and can’t afford to miss out on important international knowledge in the field? Then join our international network for the energy sector!

In 2040, the worldwide energy consumption will have increased by 50 pct., indicating an increased importance and potential of the energy sector. This gives rise to an increased competition within the sector and intensified awareness from the political surroundings, thereby forcing companies in the field to gain knowledge of the international scene in order to retain and increase market share.

It is expected that 75 pct. of our energy will still stem from fossil fuels by 2050, while the energy sector is – and will continue to be - under great pressure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to meet new and future political standards. Hence, a heightened focus on sustainability is an undeniable future driver in the Energy Sector and requires careful management whilst balancing other stakeholders.

Additionally, the energy sector is facing challenges such as disruption, downfall in commodity prices and regulatory requirements.  The energy sector’s dependency on volatile external factors, along with the increased competition on the domestic markets, calls for a greater focus on knowledge of the international markets, where the annual growth rate is estimated to be 13 pct.
This is why Confederation of Danish Industry offers our members the International Business Energy Network, hereby assisting you with essential information and activities in the field of energy, which benefits the future of your business. As a member of the International Business Network for Energy, you will receive direct information concerning:

  • Conferences and exclusive meeting with decision makers and business people from the energy sector when they visit Denmark
  • Networking opportunities with other people with an active interest in the energy sector
  • Professionally focused knowledge and offers regarding international services in the energy sector
  • Meetings with an open exchange of experiences, potentials and issues relevant to your business
  • Incoming delegations, export promotions and participation in expositions.

A specific example of such activities is the E-world Energy & Water trade fair in Essen, Germany in 2018 focusing on energy services, IT and energy trading with the main theme “Smart Energy”.

Do you want to make sure that you receive invitations and information regarding these services? Then sign up to the network here. You can also follow our activities and gain more knowledge on LinkedIn.  


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