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Do you want to boost your export activities in Korea?

Join the Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs on a maritime export drive to Korea.
The Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs will be visiting Korea on 21-23 February 2018.

This a great opportunity for Danish companies to access contacts in the Korean marine industry that are usually difficult to reach.

As part of the Danish minister's export drive you will get the opportunity to:
  • Join a VIP visit to Daewoo (DSME)
  • Participate in a Korean-Danish marine seminar
  • Participate in B2B meetings
  • Engage in discussions with Korean ship owners
  • Invite clients and partners to dine with the Danish minister and Korean VIP's

To the extent possible, we will tailor meetings and invite relevant participants to ensure that your company gain as much value as possible from the visit.
Korea is pulling out of the crisis

The Korean shipbuilding industry is pulling out of the crisis and the government's rescue plan for shipyards is kicking in. As a result, shipyards are experiencing an increase in orders. The fact that Korea is the eighth largest shipping nation worldwide makes Korean ship owners even more interesting, and now is the time to build your relations in the Korean marine industry.


21-23 February 2018

Participation fee:
21-23 February 2018 (Busan + Seoul) DKK 19.800 

21-22 February 2018 (only Busan) DKK 17.800

Price by two participants per company. Additional participants are charged DKK 2.500 pr. person.
The price is based on subsidies from the Danish Trade Council.

Deadline for sign up: 
24 January 2018  

Further information
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