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DI Global Talent

World class foreign labor

If Danish companies are to grow and compete on a global scale, they will need more highly qualified and skilled labor from abroad. The Confederation of Danish Industry has established DI Global Talent to make it easier for companies to attract and retain global professionals.

  • Ease access for companies to skilled foreign labor with required competences and skills
  • Ensure that companies are able to retain global professionals in Denmark
  • Strengthen Denmark's position as an attractive country to live, work and study in
Global Talent dansk

"Attracting the right highly skilled foreigners can help us raise our ability to innovate, to become more productive and in general develop new ideas and methods that strengthens the competitiveness of Danish companies and research institutions in a globalised world", says Stina Vrang Elias, DEA.

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Direct: +45 3377 3903
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E-mail: sashdi.dk
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Direct: +45 3377 3167
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E-mail: vimodi.dk
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