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DI Global Talent

A Stronger Denmark with Highly Skilled International Employees

Close to four out of ten Danish companies seek in vain for new employees and the shortage of labor is expected to increase over the coming years. Highly qualified foreign employees can help to ease the shortage of labor, but Denmark is in global competition when it comes to attracting and retaining global talents. DI Global Talent’s mission is to ensure that companies have access to highly qualified foreign labor and that Denmark is an attractive country for highly qualified foreign employees to live, work and study in.

  • Ease access for companies to skilled foreign labor with required competences and skills
  • Ensure that companies are able to retain global professionals in Denmark
  • Strengthen Denmark's position as an attractive country to live, work and study
Below you see a small guide on how you, as a company, can help foreign employees with obtaining a correct tax assessment notice. In addition, by following the link above you will find more helpful videos with guides to SKAT
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"Companies, municipalities and business regions all over Denmark are on their toes trying to attract global specialists. In Odense, we pave the way by making it as easy as possible to find accommodation in a fast growing city." Julie Fink, Senior Consultant, International Community Odense, City of Odense

On February 24, 2018, DI is going to attend the MIT European Career Fair, to promote career opportunities in Denmark. Last year, the vast majority of the candidates had relevant competences within skills, we are lacking in Denmark and around 115 candidates were matched with specific jobs from Danish companies. You can read more about the fair through the link above and see what happened last year through the video below. If you wish to join the fair with DI, please do not hesitate to contact Virginie Morlet on: VIMO@di.dk to hear more.
The City of Knowledge has introduced a 'career mentoring program', together with The Danish Industry Foundation, designed for job-seeking partners and spouses of international professionals and researchers currently working and living in Denmark. The objective is to attract international professionals and specialists by helping to improve conditions for them and their families. You can read more about the program through the link above, where you will find a guide, which is to share knowledge and inspire other cities and organizations to implement similar initiatives.
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Website with information for both foreign employees and companies looking to hire foreign talents.

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