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Opportunities for Danish companies to combat humanitarian challenges

BUSINESS DELEGATION: The BoP Learning Lab took part in a visit to Jordan to investigate opportunities of delivering solutions to refugees in camps and hosting communities

A Danish delegation of 13 companies, two universities and one NGO visited Jordan 29th of May-2nd of June 2016 with the purpose of exploring new and innovative avenues for addressing the challenges that refugee camps as well as hosting communities are facing in the wake of the protracted refugee crises. The delegation was arranged by the Confederation of Danish Industry, Access2Innovation, and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and supported by DANIDA.

The program was designed to give the participants a holistic picture of the opportunities in Jordan, both inside and outside camps as well as in Jordan overall. Therefore, the delegation met with important stakeholders in the UN agencies, larger international NGOs, Jordanian business people and government officials.

The delegation moreover visited the Zatari Camp, public institutions in Al Mafraq and a community center of Danish Refugee Council. Last but not least, the program included a half day workshop on developing business models together with NGOs who were invited to participate in the brainstorming and ideation.

It was evident that there is a need for innovative and sustainable solutions that can both serve the refugees within the camps and those living outside the camps in the surrounding communities which accounts for nearly 80% of the refugees in Jordan. Danish companies can offer valuable and needed solutions within areas such as healthcare, water, energy, sanitation, logistics and housing, however it will be important to work closely with the authorities and non-governmental organizations in order to enter the humanitarian market, often known to be challenging with its rigid procurement processes.

The BoP Learning Lab will continue a focus on humanitarian challenges and opportunities and support participating companies, institutions and organizations after their return to develop innovative solutions and partnerships for the humanitarian market.

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PUBLISHED: 2/15/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 4/29/2017