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Danish Cleantech Hub Shanghai is an international public-private partnership operated by Confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green.

● Immense demand. With the presentation of the 13th 5-year plan (FYP13), China has committed itself to ‘supply-side’ economic reform and ‘circular economy’.

● Ambitious energy targets have also been set to reduce CO2 emission and increasing non-fossil fuel intensity. Renewable energy is expected to rise to 15% among totally energy consumption and CO2 emissions to grow by only 1.24% per annum until 2020.

We support the visibility and commercialization of Danish cleantech solutions in China.

Danish Cleantech Hub provides the local platform and strong network necessary to bring Danish solutions into play in China in close collaboration with other Public/Private initiatives and partners. We offer member companies an effective route to success in China through matchmaking with local partners and a joint promotion of quality solutions and the Danish sustainable model.


We enable Chinese companies and organizations to tap into Danish city governments- and companies’ know-how and solutions.

Danish Cleantech Hub engages with public and private Chinese stakeholders interested in learning from the Danish experiences. We provide a forum for informational exchange on new approaches and solutions within energy efficiency, climate adaptation and resiliency.


How We Work
Public-private collaboration
Danish Cleantech Hub is an international public-private partnership. We work with organizations from both the private and public sector in Denmark, United States and China.

Danish Cleantech Hub (DCH) in Shanghai is a public-private partnership that provides a single point of entry for all cleantech related activities between Denmark and Shanghai for our members, thus creating access to the Chinese cleantech community and decision makers.

DCH supports the visibility and internationalization of Danish cleantech companies and their solutions in China.

By working closely with key Chinese stakeholders and decision-makers, we provide the local platform and strong network necessary for linking Danish solutions with our Chinese partner pool. We facilitate social media exposure, conferences and seminars in China in order to mark our presence and create further publicity for our Danish partner companies.

We provide up to date project information by engaging with our Chinese partners. Through our Chinese partners, we are able to reach out to 2000 leading Chinese cleantech companies, who are the front-runner in the Chinese market. Through their sales channels all over China, DCH is able to compile information, and identify suitable Chinese stakeholders at all political levels.

One of the core elements of the DCH program, is to successfully define business opportunities and create lead generation for our Danish partner companies.

We also work with Danish cities and universities to engage public partners to be part of the holistic story about Danish solutions and their use. In short, Danish Cleantech Hub is your single point of entry for an effective route to success in China.