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Solutions for Sustainable Growth

We have to be bright and green. It is Bright Green to use energy in the most efficient way possible, and it is Bright Green to deploy the clean energy technologies that are already working. Doing so will deliver the affordability, stability and confidence our economies need, and will help us meet the challenge of climate change.

In this book we have gathered the brightest and greenest Danish technologies to demon-strate that taking care of our climate also leads to the creation of jobs and new business areas. And that many of the needed solutions are available today.

We are convinced that these examples can serve as an inspiration to decision makers charged with developing a global and ambitious framework for future climate efforts. We also hope that the book will be a guide to businesses in search of new partners and tech-nologies. If you download the book as a PDF, you will find links to the companies.


Published:Okt. 2009
Numbers of pages:120
Item no:9741


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