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Technologies for Sustainable Growth - Bright Green

Sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand in Denmark.
In Denmark we are following a Bright and Green strategy to develop a society that relies on new technology and improved design to achieve gains in ecological sustainability and at the same time increase our economic prosperity. That is what Bright Green is about.

What could a sustainable future look like? How do we design and build one-planet prospe-rity in the next couple of decades? What kind of technologies and innovative designs are being deployed to help us reduce our impact on the planet while improving the quality of our lives?

With climate change hard upon us, a new green movement is taking shape - one that em-braces the concerns of environmentalism but rejects its wornout answers. Technology can be a font of endlessly creative solutions.

Entrepreneurial zeal and market forces, guided by sustainable policies, can propel the world into a Bright Green future. Danish Energy Industries Federation believes that tack-ling climate change is a progrowth strategy, and we want to contribute to ensure that a new agreement can be signed in Copenhagen in 2009.


Published:Dec. 2008
Numbers of pages:136
Item no:9705


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