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Global Benchmark Report 2014

The conditions for doing business in the global economy are constantly changing - presenting new challenges and opportunities.
The Global Benchmark Report 2014 is the tenth in a series of reports giving DI's annual assessment on how the global challenge is met in the OECD countries. The report highlights strengths and weaknesses of each OECD country in facing international competition, and gives a picture of each country's ability to develop attractive business environments and utilise opportunities presented by globalisation. This year, Switzerland, South Korea and Sweden top the Competitiveness index.

The report also contains two theme chapters. The first theme chapter focuses on the struggle of attracting companies and their investment, an issue of growing concern in several OECD member states. Foreign investment introduces new technologies and offers something unique in terms of innovation and productivity. The second chapter highlights opportunities of tapping into the vast and growing African market and emphasizes the major development results that can be achieved from combining aid and trade promotion.

For further information on the Global Benchmark Report see di.dk/gbr. The website provides a unique opportunity to download an interactive PDF-version of the report where you can read more about how the individual benchmarks are prepared and why they are relevant in international competition. All graphs and figures are available for download intended for your own presentations and analyses.


Published:Marts 2014
Numbers of pages:139
Item no:9856


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