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One in every five kroner comes from online sale

Only one in every four Danish businesses uses digital sales channels and a fifth of total sales in Danish businesses comes from online sales. An enormous unused potential lies in international online sales, says DI Handel.
Ignoring digital sales will be very difficult if we want to conquer market share in the future, says Director in DI Handel Annette Falberg.

Af Felix Bekkersgaard Stark mail

A survey published by DI Handel shows that within the EU, only Irish and Swedish businesses exceed Danish businesses when it coming to selling goods and services online.

“This has been measured on the share of businesses selling through digital channels. If you look at the share of business sales generated by digital sales, Danish businesses are in seventh place and behind countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary,” explains Director in DI Handel Annette Falberg.

According to the survey, sales through online channels constitute DKK 559 billion which corresponds to 18% of total Danish business sales. In Ireland, who are European digital sales champions, digital sales constitute approx. 37% of business sales.

“Ignoring digital sales will be very difficult if we want to conquer market share in the future. This is true whether you are in B2B sales or sell directly to consumers. Currently, B2B sales account for 92% of digital sales in Danish businesses, but both sectors are storming ahead. So you risk being left behind if you do not offer your customers this option,” says Annette Falberg.

Great export opportunities

Only 10% of Danish businesses export their goods and services using digital sales channels. This means Denmark is in eighth place in Europe while Irish businesses are in first place with a digital export share of 17%.

“Online channels offer great potential for exports and the EU is working to set objectives for the digital single market which will be capable of creating up to 3.8 million new jobs and additional growth of up to EUR 415 billion. In Denmark, this will generate 45,000 new jobs. But this requires not only that the Danish government sets up a viable framework. Danish businesses also need to work on developing their online sales,” says Annette Falberg.

She points out that DI Handel’s members themselves import more from abroad than they export.

“Almost one in three of our members has traded digitally with other countries. This shows that there is a need for giving customers abroad the option of purchasing on Danish B2B websites. Not least because we generate 700 new Danish jobs every time we increase exports by a billion kroner,” says Annette Falberg.


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PUBLISHED: 5/23/2016 LAST MODIFIED: 11/26/2016