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Winner of the DI Award can help millions of people with chronic conditions

It is the ambition of LEO Innovation Lab to make life easier for millions of people with chronic conditions. Currently the company has developed ten different healthcare apps that help patients deal with the challenges associated with having a chronic condition. This work has now garnered the company the DI Award 2017.

The DI Award was presented at the DI Business Summit at the Opera House in Copenhagen. This is the second time the award has been presented.

It is given to a company that has created new opportunities and turned them into growth and jobs for the benefit of Danish society. In the nominations for this year’s award, it has been a requirement that the company use digital technologies to develop its products.

- With LEO Innovation Lab, the pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma has taken a whole new direction. The various healthcare apps make it easier for people to live with a chronic condition. At the same time, it gives LEO Pharma invaluable knowledge that the company can use in the development of new medicine, says Mads Thimmer, who presented the award on behalf of the committee of experts behind the DI Award.

LEO Innovation Lab has, among other things, developed an app where patients can use photos to follow the development of their condition together with a doctor. Another app looks at the connection between happiness and life as a psoriasis patient.

In total, the company has developed ten apps. Through these apps, they have connected with 120,000 individuals in over 130 countries. Part of the knowledge that LEO Innovation Lab gathers returns to LEO Pharma. Here, it is used in new products or business models that can help carry the company securely into the future. 

- We are a bit like Google’s renowned X division. We are close enough to draw upon LEO Pharma’s competences and far enough away to create our own creative innovation environment with a targeted digital development, says Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO of LEO Innovation Lab.

Just two years ago, LEO Innovation Lab was granted DKK 500 million kroner from LEO Pharma and told to invent something digital that could make a difference for millions of people with chronic conditions.

- We are very proud of the award. It is a recognition of all the work we have put into the company the last few years,  says Kristian Hart-Hansen.

The committee behind the award consists of five independent experts. Earlier this year, they nominated five companies who would compete for the DI Award. The committee then voted for their favourite, as did DI’s member companies.

Along with the DI Award comes a diploma and a work of art.

For more information, contact press coordinator at DI Claus Kaae-Nielsen clkndi.dk or 2332 6829.

CEO of LEO Innovation Lab, Kristian Hart-Hansen, kristianleoilab.com
or 2566 4060

Head of Communication at LEO Pharma Henrik Kyndlev, henrik.kyndlevleo-pharma.com or 3140 6180

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PUBLISHED: 9/28/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 9/28/2017