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Video: Danish products travel all around the world

Danish export items are shipped further and further across the globe, a new study shows. According to the Confederation of Danish Industry, distant markets hold major export potential in coming years.  
Click and watch video (in Danish), about Danish exports which in 2015 included DKK 192 million worth of butter and dairy products to Saudi Arabia (Video: Laura Flader and Ida Lærke Bechtle)

Publiceret: 26.01.2017
Af Laura Flader mail

In search of sales and exports income, Danish companies have increasingly turned their attention towards foreign climes.

The development has meant that that Danish products are now shipped an average of 2,900 km.

In comparison, products only travelled 2,400 km before the financial crisis, a new analysis from the Confederation of Danish Industry shows.

“The study highlights the fact that Danish companies are becoming better at finding new markets for their products. This has been particularly necessary in recent years, when growth rates in Europe have not been as high as before,” says Deputy Director General Kent Damsgaard.

DI’s calculations show that for the next ten years, India will be the country with the greatest growth rate, amounting to about seven per cent each year. In second place comes China with an annual growth rate of about six per cent.

“It is in the distant markets that we will see the most growth in the coming years. It is therefore crucial that Danish companies have an eye for possibilities all over the world,” says Kent Damsgaard.

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Mink furs travel far

There is a big difference in how far away companies ship their products.

Fish, flowers, vegetables and other products with a short shelf-life are typically not sent very far. Building materials, furniture, metal and other heavy or bulky items similarly make shorter trips, as the transport costs quickly become too high in relation to the value of the products.

On the other hand, Denmark is extremely successful with the export of mink furs to China and biscuits to Hong Kong. The latter is in fact Denmark’s second greatest export item to Hong Kong, worth DKK 192 million.

The bestseller is, however, medicinal and pharmaceutical products, which are shipped all around the world and amount to a total export value of DKK 86 billion.

“The study is a clear indication that Danish products and Danish quality have appeal all across the world. This is a cause for satisfaction and something to continue building upon,” says Kent Damsgaard.

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It is in the distant markets that we will see the most growth in the coming years. It is therefore crucial that Danish companies have an eye for possibilities all over the world.
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PUBLISHED: 1/26/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 1/26/2017