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Top nine cyber security tips

It is crucial for the economy, credibility and survival of your company that its cyber security is in order. At Denmark’s Ministry of Defence, cyber attacks are also a top priority, says Minister of Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen. 
Cyber attacks are a top priority at the Ministry for Defence and cyber security should similarly be a high priority for Danish companies.

Publiceret: 27.04.2017
Af Laura Flader mail

Cyber security should be a top priority for all Danish companies. Here are the top nine tips for cyber security.

1. Keep IT systems and programs updated:
Criminals often take advantage of known weaknesses in operating systems and programs.

2. Install a security pack:
The security pack must include a firewall, anti-virus software, a spam filter and a phishing filter. The pack should always be kept updated.

3. Configure browser security settings:
Employees will thereby always be asked before information, files and programs are transferred to their computers.

4. Enable encryption of the company’s wireless network:
Encryption will prevent outsiders from using the company’s network. Use WPA encryption as a minimum – and, even better, use WPA2.

5. Use strong, secure passwords that are updated on a regular basis:
Passwords provide important protection of the company’s internal confidential information. Use both lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

6. Exercise caution on the internet:
The company should be critical of the websites visited, programs installed and emails received.

7. Keep back-ups:
Remember to check that the back-ups actually work and consider encrypting them.

8. Seek help from experts:
If your company’s IT is too complex or if you’re facing a concrete threat, contact an advisor who can help.

9. Limit the number of user accounts with administrator rights:
Only few users need local administrator rights, and they should therefore be removed as much as possible. The rights can give a hacker easy access to the company’s systems.
Source: Danish ICT and Electronics Federation

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Minister of Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen:

Cyber attacks are a top priority

How do you view the threat against Danish companies’ cyber security?

“The threat against Denmark posed by cyber espionage and cybercrime is very high, and our companies are often hit by attacks. The serious threats against Danish companies include both industry espionage and other forms of serious crime such as theft of money and fraud, but also blackmailing in cases with so-called ransomware. Given the increasing threats, protection against cyber attacks is one of the top priorities for the Ministry of Defence, and we have continuously dedicated resources and passed legislation to strengthen this area,” says Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Minister of Defence (the Danish Liberal Party).

What will the government do to help protect Danish business against cybercrime? 

“First of all, it is important that state institutions, private companies and citizens protect themselves against attacks on their own. The Centre for Cyber Security also continuously supports Danish state institutions and private companies in protection against cyber attacks. At the Ministry of Defence, the main focus is on threats against functions vital to Danish society. The Centre for Cyber Security uses its extensive knowledge in the field to provide counselling about cyber security. In connection with serious attacks, the Centre for Cyber Security also conducts IT technical analyses, while it is naturally the police that handles the criminal investigation.

Are there any concrete measures underway?

“The government is commencing its work to implement a new national strategy for cyber and information security that will help prepare Danish state institutions and private players within central sectors to protect their digital infrastructure.

Given the increasing threats, protection against cyber attacks is one of the top priorities for the Ministry of Defence.
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PUBLISHED: 4/27/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 4/27/2017