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The United States secretary of transportation wants to beat Copenhagen as the bicycle capital of the world

United States Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx has been ‘blown away’ after having seen Danish transport solutions. He now wants American cities to overtake Copenhagen as the bicycle capital of the world.

“Despite the many benefits of cycling, it may be difficult to explain to Americans why the government wants to spend money on building cycle lanes rather than spend money on maintaining roads.”

That is how the Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx expressed one of the challenges of developing American cities to provide cyclists and pedestrians with improved conditions in an interview at Industriens Hus where he and a delegation of American mayors and government officials were gathered to meet Danish businesses.

“But I have been ’blown away’ by the solutions I have seen from Danish businesses and city life in Copenhagen,” said the secretary who had himself been on a cycle ride in Copenhagen which he seemed to have enjoyed.

“Seeing cycling as such an integral part of everyday life has been fantastic, and I want to do what I can to ensure that American cities overtake Copenhagen as the bicycle capital of the world. In the coming years, the American population will be growing rapidly and city popula-tions will become denser. That is why we need to find alternatives to the car,” said Anthony Foxx.

Viewing the United States as multiple markets

He pointed out that Danish businesses should not view the United States as a single market.

“The magic is happening in cities and at state level. At federal level, we also need to recognise that challenges vary from city to city. New York cannot apply the same solutions as Seattle, and businesses need to recognise that and exploit it,” said Anthony Foxx.

Deputy Director General of the Confederation of Danish Industry Tine Roed took the oppor-tunity to assure the American delegation that Danish businesses are on hand to provide solutions to American challenges.

“I am sure that the businesses present today and many other Danish businesses will be able to supply the technological solutions required in the American job market. The Confederation of Danish Industry’s three offices in the United States are ready to help both parties,” said Tine Roed.


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PUBLISHED: 4/29/2016 LAST MODIFIED: 11/26/2016