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Ten places to find help with digitisation

Find ideas for how to get your automation and digitisation up and running. Below, we have compiled a list of the most important organisations and universities – including their areas of expertise and contact details.

Industrisamarbejdet (Industrial Partnership)

Focus area: SMEs
Industrisamarbejdet works especially to help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies get started on digitisation using expert know-how provided on courses, case studies at meetings and videos as well as surveys and articles. Industrisamarbejdet also plays an active role in Erhvervspartnerskabet for Avanceret Produktion (Industry Partnership for Advanced Manufacturing), where DKK 42 million have been allocated to promoting technological and digital transition in 50 SMEs.
Sabrina Gerdes Vestergaard, savedi.dk
Find out more at isa.di.dk

The Danish Industry Foundation

Focus area: big data and Internet of Things
The Danish Industry Foundation has worked on automation, digitisation, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2010, the foundation launched the AIM project to assist Danish businesses in their work on automation. The foundation has worked with embedded systems and the IoT on the ITOS project. The foundation has also arranged seminars on big data and innovation and has in the wake of these launched many projects about the use of big data, robots and drones for commercial purposes.
Ole Østrup, oosindustriensfond.dk
Find out more at industriensfond.dk

MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark)

Focus area: SMEs and new technology
MADE offers innovative knowledge to boost Danish manufacturing. By bringing together leading Danish researchers, GTS institutes and businesses, MADE develops solutions for manufacturing companies of all sizes and from all industries and locations. MADE offers SMEs particular benefits, e.g. the opportunity to test an idea or technology in demonstration projects costing DKK 92,000. Businesses are also offered 3D printing, robots and business development cluster projects.
Nigel Edmondson, nfedmondsonmade.dk
Find out more at made.dk

Innovation Fund Denmark

Focus area: 3D printing and robotics
This year, Innovation Fund Denmark will be investing DKK 1.2 billion in automation and digitisation. For Innovation Fund Denmark, Industri 4.0 is right here and now. Many businesses find that they have to handle a transition driven by new digitisation, automation, 3D printing and robotics technologies. If your business wants access to state-of-the-art technology, we would like to hear from you.
Michael Hansen, michael.hanseninnofond.dk
Find out more at innovationsfonden.dk

DTU – Technical University of Denmark

Focus area: fast product development
The Technical University of Denmark is the technical coordinator of research projects where DTU and AAU develop tools for fast product development. They base this on the principle that products should consist of modules that can easily be put together. The Technical University of Denmark also develops solutions to enable businesses to upscale their production faster. The university also wants to make it possible, especially for small companies, to use 3D printing. 
Technical coordination:
Niels Henrik Mortensen, nhmomek.dtu.dk
Find out more at dtu.dk

Aalborg University

Focus area: efficient supply chains
Aalborg University conducts research into how to make manufacturing easier and quicker to convert. The university works with CBS and develops models to streamline global supply chains and identify how to get most out of retaining production in Denmark. This can be done by digitising the manufacturing process.
Technical coordination:
Charles Møller: charlesbusiness.aau.dk
Find out more at aau.dk

Aarhus University
Focus area: digital ecosystems
Aarhus University conducts research into digital ecosystems such as cloud solutions and products that can be connected to the Internet. In this way, products are constantly connected to the business and can be enhanced faster using e.g. a software update. This means that businesses need to produce fewer physical variants and are able to offer customers new know-how quickly. The university also conducts research into augmented reality, familiar to many from the Pokemon Go game.
Technical coordination:
Kaj Grønbæk, kgronbakcs.au.dk
Find out more at au.dk

CBS (Copenhagen Business School)
Focus area: training and production systems
E-business: CBS offers a 2-year e-business Master’s degree for everyone with a Bachelor’s degree. It is aimed at employees needing to acquire advanced e-business skills. 
Contact: Coordinator Torkil Clemmensen: tc.itmcbs.dk
Production: CBS conducts research into international competitive production systems. The research conducted in partnership with Aalborg University and the Technical University of Denmark will enable Danish manufacturing companies to take full advantage of conditions and employee skills unique to Denmark.
Technical coordination: Torben Pedersen: tp.smgcbs.dk 

University of Southern Denmark
Focus area: flexible robots
The University of Southern Denmark is a technical coordinator of research projects where the university, in partnership with Aalborg University and the Technical University of Denmark, develops robotics solutions that employees are able to programme and that can solve a wide range of different tasks. This is to enable businesses to automate without major costs. One of the focus areas is how to make robots easily reprogrammable for new tasks and how to make robots handle products that are not always the same shape.
Technical coordination:
Henrik Gordon Petersen, hgpmmmi.sdu.dk
Find out more at sdu.dk

The Confederation of Danish Industry organisations – e-commerce, digital marketing and automation

Target group: SMEs
The Confederation of Danish Industry organises a range of activities, training and guides to help you on your digitisation journey.
Book a feedback meeting with the Confederation of Danish Industry’s digital mentor corps comprising business executives with experience of digital business development.
Become part of DI Handel’s national e-business network that meets four times a year, sign up for a five-day digital marketing course focusing on digital strategy, SEO and analytics, get help with e-commerce law, download guides on developing e-commerce requirements specifications or participate in one of the 20 annual workshops such as Getting Started on e-Commerce, Using Data to Boost Sales, Digital Transformation Starts at the Top etc. 
Find out more about DI Handel’s toolbox or contact:
Coordinator Christian Hannibal, DI Digital
Direct line: +45 3377 3349
Mobile: +45 2064 4872
E-mail: chhndi.dk
Consultant Line Poulsen, DI Handel
Direct line: +45 3377 4837
Mobile: +45 3016 6521
E-mail: lpoudi.dk  

More info
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Direct: +45 3377 3349
Mobile: +45 2064 4872
E-mail: chhndi.dk
Kontakt image
Direct: +45 3377 4837
Mobile: +45 3016 6521
E-mail: lpoudi.dk
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