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Summer was tough on tourism

Bad summer weather means that fewer foreigners spent their holiday in Denmark in July. But that is not the whole explanation, says DI.

The number of foreign overnight stays fell by 3 per cent in July compared to last year, show figures from Statistics Denmark.

This year, the number of foreign overnight stays increased by only 1.2 per cent.

“Although the weather carries much of the blame for the decline in the number of foreign tourists, we cannot blame the weather alone. If we compare to neighbouring countries that have had the same challenges in terms of weather, we have done worse,” says expert Sune K. Jensen from DI.

An example is the Netherlands, where the number of foreign tourists increased by 13.9 per cent in the first half of 2017.

“We can learn from the Netherlands, who have been good at promoting the many experiences they have to offer tourists. The Netherlands has managed to convince tourists that they will have a good holiday even on a rainy day,” says Sune K. Jensen.

DI believes that there is a need to strengthen efforts to create attractive inter-municipal destinations if tourism is to gain back market shares from neighbouring countries.

“If we want to reach the same growth rates as the countries around us, we need to strengthen the inter-municipal destinations further. We need to create attractive destinations with a wide range of experiences and activities, so tourists feel that a holiday in Denmark is a fantastic experience - even on days when the weather doesn’t cooperate,” says Sune K. Jensen.

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Increase in number of foreign overnight stays (2017 until today):

Norway 0.9%
Denmark 1.2%
Germany 3.0%
Sweden 3.6%
The Netherlands* 13.9%
Notes: Covers the period January to July.
Data for the Netherlands covers January to June.
Source: The national statistics bureaus
We need to create attractive destinations with a wide range of experiences and activities.
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PUBLISHED: 9/14/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 9/15/2017