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Podcast: What do Finnish biohackers put in their coffee?

The answer is a mushroom full of antioxidants – amongst other things - found in Finnish forests. Hear more in Techtopia podcast #32 hear – intro in Danish, the rest in English.
Techtopia podcast #32 pays a visit to Finnish biohackers in Helsinki to hear more about why they insert laser lights in their nose, among other things.

In the quest for a healthy, balanced life, Finnish biohackers have created their very own regimen of sauna bathing, cold baths, dietary supplements and digital tools.

But it is also a life that involves careful measuring and monitoring of the body’s data in order to optimise it or detect signals that can reveal important things about one’s health.

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Techtopia pays a visit to the Finnish biohacker centre in Helsinki to drink  mushroom coffee, stick laser lights into their noses, measure the body’s condition using a Finnish finger ring and flick through the 500-page biohacker handbook that head of the centre Teemu Arina has published in collaboration with a doctor and a nutrition expert.

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Teemu Arina, CEO, Biohacker Center Helsinki
Henrik Føhns, host

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PUBLISHED: 1/4/2018 LAST MODIFIED: 1/4/2018