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Looking for a permanent job? Start as a temp

New study shows that temporary work often leads to permanent employment. Each year, staffing and recruitment agency JKS sees nearly one third or approximately 4,000 of their temporary workers find permanent employment.

A temporary job can be a good path to permanent employment at a company where you are already thriving, shows a new analysis from Kraka.

Publiceret: 05.04.2018
Af Peter G. H. Madsen mail

At a time where qualified labour is increasingly in demand, more and more temporary workers are offered the chance to trade in their temporary position for a permanent job. This trend is clear to Jesper Busk, CEO at staffing agency JKS, which has approximately 3,200 temps working for their corporate clients each day. On an annual basis, more than 12,000 temporary workers pass through the system at JKS. 

“The tendency is that more and more of our temps are offered permanent jobs. This is a result of the low unemployment rate. It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to find labour,” says Jesper Busk, who in addition to being CEO at JKS also serves as chairman of the Danish Service Industries Federation.

Very often, JKS’s temps decide to say yes to the offer of a permanent position. On an annual basis, around 4,000 of the company’s temporary workers find permanent work.

“A temporary job is a really good path to permanent employment. You have the chance to see what it’s like to work at the company - and the company has the chance to see how you perform. Both for employees and companies, it’s a good starting point,” says Jesper Busk.

From temp to permanent employee

A new study conducted by think tank Kraka on behalf of the Confederation of Danish Industry shows that JKS is far from alone in its experiences.

Kraka’s study found that only 13 per cent of temporary workers still held temporary positions five years later, while 57 per cent had found permanent employment. The rest were either unemployed, retired or undertaking education.

Kraka’s analyses further show that it is significantly easier for those in temporary jobs to find work than those who are unemployed.

According to Director of the Danish Service Industries Federation Jakob Scharff, the study’s findings highlight how important the temporary sector is for the Danish labour market.

“The temporary sector is an important bridge-builder. Companies get employees that are tried and tested, while temps get jobs at companies where they are already doing well. This is to everyone’s benefit,” says Jakob Scharff.

Temporary sector helps at a challenging time

According to Jakob Scharff, the temporary sector is also an important partner for companies at a time where there is increasing competition for labour.

“The Danish economy is booming at the moment, and the employment rate is at a record high. This can be challenging for companies, who may have a hard time finding qualified labour. Here, temporary staff maybe be the solution that enables companies to get by,” he says.

For CEO Jesper Busk of staffing agency JKS, helping companies succeed is one of his foremost tasks.

“If Danish companies are to do well internationally, they must be sharp on their pricing and flexible and competitive on deliveries. If they receive an exceptional order, they must be able to deliver. This is where we can help them across the finish line,” says Jesper Busk.

The temporary sector is an important bridge-builder. Companies get employees that are tried and tested, while temps get jobs at companies where they are already doing well. This is to everyone’s benefit
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PUBLISHED: 4/5/2018 LAST MODIFIED: 4/5/2018