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Large American market for green solutions from Denmark

On Monday October 3rd, the climate conference at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen focused on the fact that the American market for green energy is growing significantly, and the United States offers rich opportunities for Danish businesses.  
On Monday, Senior Vice President Jesper Kjelds of Kamstrup talked about the opportunities the company has for contributing to green solutions in the United States. Photo: Troels Heien/Municipality of Copenhagen

Publiceret: 07.10.2016
Af Niels Brandt Petersen mail

The pickings are rich in America for Danish businesses focusing on green technology.

This was the impression given at a meeting at Industriens Hus on Monday October 3rd when a range of businesses and representatives of New York City and Washington DC gathered to talk about developments in the United States in the area of green solutions.

“We are seeing a new mindset in the United States where the green agenda is being pushed just as much as it is in Europe. We are seeing sustainability high on the agenda for cities and universities,” said Global Market Director Jens Ole Hansen from Rambøll.

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Copenhagen is a strong, green brand

This opens up for Danish businesses, which occupy a high-profile position in green solutions such as wind energy, water supply and energy optimisation.

The meeting on Monday was part of a two-day conference that the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI Energi) was hosting in partnership with the Municipality of Copenhagen. On Monday and Tuesday, CPH Climate Solutions focused on the climate solutions with which Copenhagen is able to inspire others.

Rambøll has recently signed an agreement with Cambridge in the United States to develop the city’s energy supply from 2016-2050 based on solutions already in place in Copenhagen.

And Copenhagen is a buzzword when talk turns to sustainability, explained Jens Ole Hansen from Rambøll.

“Copenhagen is a strong brand, and it is a very good starting point for businesses to get authorities abroad to talk about green solutions.”
A need to work together on new solutions

New York City is looking for solutions to improve the metropolis against flooding and rising temperatures.

Washington DC is looking at optimisation of energy consumption.

“In the United States, public energy planning has traditionally not been very strong. It is up to businesses themselves to find their own solutions,” explained Tommy Wells, director of Washington DC’s energy and climate department.

Danish businesses offer unique solutions

He sees Europe as a role model for the developments that are needed to push the United States in a more energy-efficient and climate-friendly direction.

Tommy Wells believes that Danish businesses can play a key role.

“In terms of energy and climate, Danish businesses possess a great deal of know-how that we do not have to the same extent in the United States. This may be offshore wind turbines where a company like Vestas is able to offer both technology and equipment,” said Tommy Wells who emphasised, however, that new projects would consist of partnerships with government authorities and American businesses.

Something needs to be done

Kamstrup is one of the Danish companies at Monday’s meeting that are already active in the American market.
Kamstrup is able to help to reduce water waste, a job that is especially important due to the extensive periods of drought experienced by many American states.

“Drought is a risk in the United States and is high on the agenda. The problem will only increase so something will have to be done,” said Senior Vice President Jesper Kjelds from Kamstrup.

At the Confederation of Danish Industry, Deputy Director General Thomas Bustrup hopes and expects that in future Danish companies will win more orders for green energy from the United States.

“Last week, I was with the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark and 60 Danish businesses visiting Washington DC and Boston. We saw an enormous interest in the climate agenda and a strong desire for cooperation – both on the part of the American authorities and American businesses,” says Thomas Bustrup.

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We are seeing a new mindset in the United States where the green agenda is being pushed just as much as it is in Europe. We are seeing sustainability high on the agenda for cities and universities.

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