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Key figures: Many foreign workers come to Denmark

Last year, fewer foreigners came to Denmark. But of those who did, many came here to work, and that is good news for our companies.

67,445 immigrants came to Denmark in 2017. Immigration peaked in 2015, when over 75,000 foreign nationals came to Denmark. The highest numbers come from Romania, with 5,483 moving to Denmark in 2017. Next on the list are Poland, USA, Germany and India.

“There were fewer refugees who came to Denmark in 2017, and so it is positive that there are still many people coming here to work and study. Many workers come from Romania, Poland, USA and Germany in particular,” says Deputy Director Steen Nielsen, the Confederation of Danish Industry.

“Companies are sorely in need of the foreign workers. Our unemployment rate has greatly decreased, and it is difficult for companies to find employees in Denmark. Hence, without the foreign workers, growth would come to a halt,” says Steen Nielsen.

Companies are sorely in need of the foreign workers.

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PUBLISHED: 2/15/2018 LAST MODIFIED: 2/15/2018