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Indian minister: Denmark masters important technologies

Video: The Indian Minister of Food Processing visited Industriens Hus. Here she met various Danish companies for a conversation about how Denmark can help fight India’s food waste problem.
Above you can listen to the Indian Minister of Food Processing talk about why she wishes to cooperate with Danish companies. Video: Marie Victoria Nedergaard.

Publiceret: 30.08.2017
Af Sara Krog P. Knudsen mail

The Indian Minister of Food Processing visited Industriens Hus last week. Here she participated in a round table meeting with various Danish companies to discuss, among other things, how Denmark can deliver solutions to help India reduce its food waste.

“Denmark masters technologies that can reduce the large food waste we have in India. Even though Denmark is a small nation, the country is leading when it comes to agriculture and transport technology. That is why we would like to work together,” says Harsimrat Kaur Badal, the Indian Minister of Food Processing.

As it appears now, 35-40 per cent of Indian food production goes to waste. It is a clear aim for the Indian government to reduce that figure, and that opens a market for Danish companies that can provide the technological solutions that India requires.

“We can offer the companies a large market with a high growth rate. And I hope we can learn from Danish companies, so we are able to improve our food production,” says Harsimrat Kaur Badal, India’s Minister of Food Processing.

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Danfoss cools food down

A lack of cooling facilities is one of the reasons that a large proportion of India’s food production goes to waste. Danfoss is one of the Danish companies that has already made its entry into the Indian market.

They supply solutions for the cold chain, which ensures that foods are cooled on the journey from farm to table. The company also participated at the meeting at Industriens Hus.

“Development is happening rapidly in India, and they need a well-functioning and more extensive cold chain. There are plenty of opportunities for Danfoss, and we are already involved in many activities in country’s cold chain. It is therefore of great interest to participate in the meeting with the minister,” says Henrik Schurmann, Director of the Indian-Danish Chamber of Commerce and Vice President, Danfoss A/S.

Right now, India’s cold chain only has the capacity to store 11 per cent of its food production. The Indian Ministry of Food Processing will therefore host an international trade show in November, which will attract companies that can help solve the country’s food waste problem. 

Danfoss has been present in India since 1964 but intensified its efforts in 2011. Today, the company has approximately 900 employees in the country.

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I hope we can learn from Danish companies, so we are able to improve our food production.
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PUBLISHED: 8/30/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 9/4/2017