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Here are Denmark’s longest commutes

The distance Danes travel to and from work varies greatly across the country, a new study shows. Employees working in Høje-Taastrup municipality have Denmark’s longest commutes.
Director of the Danish Transport Federation Michael Svane is impressed that employees in certain municipalities are willing to travel over 50 km to work.

Publiceret: 21.03.2018
Af Peter G. H. Madsen mail

62 kilometres.

That is how far employees at companies in Høje-Taastrup commute to and from work on average, making Høje-Taastrup the municipality with the longest commutes in Denmark.

Second on the list comes Allerød with 59 kilometres, followed by Ballerup and Ikast-Brande - in both municipalities, employees at local companies travel 56 kilometres to and from work.

These are the results of a new analysis of the commutes of Danish workers, carried out by the think tank Kraka on behalf the Danish Transport Federation.

According to Director of the Danish Transport Federation Michael Svane, the relatively long commutes testify to the fact that Danes are willing to make a great effort to go where their competences are most beneficial.

“It is impressive that employees in parts of the country travel over 50 kilometres to and from work. After all, few people really enjoy spending time on transport,” says Michael Svane and adds:

“I’m pleased that so many people are willing to spend extra time behind the wheel or in the train. This benefits both companies and the employees themselves. The more mobile Danes are, the greater the chances of securing the perfect match between employee and company.

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Poor transport connections are bad for growth

When you disregard island municipalities, Halsnæs, Frederiksberg and Odder are the municipalities in Denmark where employees have the shortest commutes to work. Here, the average commute is around 30 kilometres.

There are several explanations for why the distance that workers commute varies so greatly across the country, notes Director of the Danish Transport Federation Michael Svane.

First of all, the ease of getting to and from the municipalities is an important factor. Poor transport connections will dissuade people from travelling to that municipality for work.

Secondly, the type of companies located in the municipality plays a role. Companies that draw upon highly specialised labour may need to attract workers who live far away.

“Bottom line is we must always strive to make it as easy as possible for Danes to get to and from work. Spending less time on transport will improve people’s everyday lives. At the same time, it will make it easier for companies to attract the competences they need in order to create growth and jobs.”

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Spending less time on transport will improve people’s everyday lives.
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PUBLISHED: 3/21/2018 LAST MODIFIED: 3/21/2018