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German business hit by spring fever

Business confidence has surged in Denmark’s greatest export market.

Spirits are bright among German businesses.

The overall Ifo index rose to 112.3 in March from 111.1 in February. The assessment of the overall business climate is at its highest level since 2011.

“German businesses have been hit by spring fever and morale is at its highest level since 2011. This is really good news for the Danish economy, given that Germany is our undisputed largest export market,” says Senior Analyst Allan Sørensen, the Confederation of Danish Industry.

“The Germans are particularly positive in their assessment of the present situation. The expectations for the future are also positive but a bit more subdued. Germany is the EU’s leading economy and thereby the locomotive that sets the speed for the European growth train, and the positive signals from German business are therefore extremely encouraging,” says Allan Sørensen.

Germany is Denmark’s undisputed largest export market. Germans buy Danish goods and services worth DKK 150 billion per year.

“Danish companies bring in every seventh krone exported from the German market, and the Germans therefore have a huge impact on growth and job creation in Denmark. We export a great deal to northern Germany, but we must take care not to overlook southern Germany, where levels of prosperity and growth are highest,” says Allan Sørensen.
Danish companies bring in every seventh krone exported from the German market.
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PUBLISHED: 3/29/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 3/29/2017