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EU earmarks extra billions for Danish research and innovation

It is one of the smartest things to spend EU funds on, says Head of Research Policy at DI Mette Fjord Sørensen regarding new plans to increase spending on research and innovation by 46%.
The EU is proposing to increase its annual budget for research and innovation to nearly DKK 100 billion. 2.5% would be allotted to Danish researchers, which is good news, says DI.

Publiceret: 13.06.2018
Af Uffe Hansen mail

The EU is stepping up its game in the competition against the United States and China by devoting more investments to research and innovation. The Commission has proposed an annual budget for the Horizon Europe framework programme of €97.6 billion, or DKK 100 billion, in the period 2021-2027, of which Danish researchers would be allocated approximately 2.5%.

The proposal, whish was presented Thursday, is welcomed by Head of Research Policy at DI, Mette Fjord Sørensen. It aligns with the interests of Danish businesses.

“We have long believed that the EU should be devoting a greater share of its budget to investments in the future. This will make it possible to develop new innovative solutions for global challenges and ensure more competitive businesses in the EU,” she says.

In total, the proposed budget represents an increase of 46% when the United Kingdom’s share is not included.

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Health, food and digitalisation

The European Commission proposes that Horizon Europe should focus on global challenges within the fields of health, food, digitalisation, industrial competitiveness as well as climate and energy and open innovation with support for innovative ecosystems.

“It’s one of the best things to dedicate EU funding to. A prerequisite for competitive industries is knowledge and good ideas. This is something the US knows, and something they’ve long since realised in China. If we are to continue creating jobs and prosperity in the EU, it’s the right way to go,” says Mette Fjord Sørensen.

The global competition is fiercer for businesses than was previously the case, which is why investments in the development of new competitive solutions are necessary.

“In particular, we hope that negotiations about the new framework programme will lead to the development of new industrial technologies being given priority,” says Mette Fjord Sørensen.

With 2.5% allocated to Danish participants, Denmark will receive a relatively large portion of the budget, but less than a third of the allotment goes to Danish companies although they are responsible for two-thirds of the country’s overall investments in research and innovation.

DI and Mette Fjord are therefore working to ensure that the framework programme becomes even more relevant for businesses, among other things via increased focus on the development of industrial technologies.

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Part of the EU’s overall budget plans

The European Commission’s proposed research programme is part of the EU’s overall budget negotiations, which began in May. DI sees much promise in the overall plans, not least because the Commission intends to spend 60% more on digitalisation and infrastructure, equivalent to just under €50 billion over seven years. 

In addition, the EU intends to improve opportunities to attract private capital through the so-called InvestEU Fund. A budget guarantee from the EU of €15.2 billion will prepare the ground for total investments of €650 billion.

The increased investments are still overshadowed by support for regions and agriculture, which account for 21.4% and 29.1% of the budget respectively. In comparison, 3.9% is spent on infrastructure.

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This will make it possible to develop new innovative solutions for global challenges and ensure more competitive businesses in the EU.
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PUBLISHED: 6/13/2018 LAST MODIFIED: 6/13/2018