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Danish leaders are wild about Singularity University

Denmark is one of the countries with the most leaders - proportionately - who have attended courses at Singularity University. We asked six of them what they gained from the experience.
The industrial manager, the entrepreneur, the bank director, the sales director, the board member and the media boss have all been to California to attend Singularity University. And they were wild about it.

Publiceret: 22.02.2017
Af Karen Witt Olsen mail

CEO Eric Thürmer
Thürmer Tools, TwentySeven and Tiny27
Executive Programme and three ”summits” 2016
“I found my family. Many of my thoughts suddenly made sense, and it was a huge experience. I’ve created two new 3D printing businesses and now partner with Amazon in the UK to print tools and deliver them with drones. I’m going again in March.”

CEO, physician and entrepreneur Habib Frost
Neurescue Aps
Graduate Studies Program 2015
“It’s a 10-week entrepreneurial school and I gained confidence in and practised my skills as an inventor and entrepreneur. We were pushed to find adaptable and sustainable solutions for e.g. corruption through the use of blockchain technology and environment improvement through bio-degradable plastic and genetic modification.”

Global Head of Private Wealth Management Marlene Nørgaard
Danske Bank
Executive Program 2014
“I was enormously inspired. I now think exponentially and know that the future is already here. I’ve since held talks for thousands of interested individuals here at home and have taken an educational trip to Silicon Valley with the first 34 wealthy clients to meet the start-up environment and Singularity University. From now on, we’ll do this twice a year.”

Head of Sales Anders Mittag
Executive Program 2016
“I gained a broader perspective on e.g. technology and research as well as concrete tools and a network in 35 countries. PostNord needs to plan six months ahead rather than five years and focus on fewer things. We also need to partner with researchers specialised in e.g. drones and robots for delivery of goods.”

Professional board member, Angel Investor Niels Korsholm
Korsholm Ventures
Executive Program 2016
“My encounter with the many strong personalities and their fantastic ability to provide knowledge and inspiration was one the best experiences I’ve had for a long time. I’ve gained a strong international network and tools to set an agenda for technological possibilities and the necessary mindset in the boards I’m on.”

CEO Thomas Vejlemand
Executive Program 2016
“I gained a new global outlook and a push towards a new agenda. Through the network surrounding SU, we’ve entered a partnership in which we test pattern recognition via artificial intelligence, among other things. We’re also starting to look at virtual reality in relation to display formats.”

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I’ve created two new 3D printing businesses and now partner with Amazon in the UK to print tools and deliver them with drones. I’m going again in March.
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PUBLISHED: 2/22/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 2/22/2017