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Danish Christmas tree exports worth more than DKK 650 million

Last year, Danish Christmas tree exports topped DKK 653 million. DI Business has been crunching some Christmas numbers.
Christmas trees continue to be the most popular Christmas product for export – especially to Germany, but Danish decorations are also popular south of the border. In Denmark, especially the sales of scarves and shawls increase up to Christmas.

Publiceret: 22.12.2016
Af Rikke Brøndum mail

Traditional Christmas goods such as Christmas trees, marzipan and decorations are profitable for Danish exporters.

Last year, Denmark’s exports of Christmas tree were worth DKK 653 million, closely followed by marzipan, nougat and fondant. Especially Germany is a huge consumer of Danish trees and these exports push up sales, although in recent years the Germans have been buying fewer trees.

Danish decorations are also very much in demand abroad. Denmark sold approx. DKK 40 million of paper garlands and other Christmas decorations in 2015, including decorations made of glass. 

Confederation of Danish Industry has based the above information on figures published by Statistics Denmark. 

Scarves are a Christmas hit

Figures published in Statistics Denmark’s annual Consumer Survey show that while Christmas trees directly boost income from abroad, they also contribute to increasing purchases in Denmark in December.  

Topping the list are scarves, shawls and belts for girls which with an increase in sales of almost 5,000% in December are some of the items making a regular appearance under the Christmas tree. 

Apples and cabbage the most popular

Food producers also have much to look forward to – both in terms of exports and domestic sales.

Apples, cherries and tinned goods top the list with an increase in sales of about 1,000% in the month of December. Denmark exports ducks and geese worth a total of DKK 6 million which pushes these two items up into eighth and ninth position respectively on the list of the most exported Christmas goods. 

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Products Danes buy relatively more of in December than during the rest of the year:

1. Shawls, scarves, belts etc. for girls: 4,956%
2. Speakers etc.: 2,935%
3. Earphones, digital photo frames, e-books etc.: 1,360%
Source: Statistics Denmark, Consumer Survey 2015

The most popular Danish Christmas exports:
1. Christmas trees: DKK 653 million.
2. Fondant, marzipan, nougat and other prepared sugar products: DKK 83 million.
3. Pastes, including marzipan: DKK 60 million.
4. Christmas tree decorations and other Christmas decorations of materials other than glass: DKK 45 million.
5. Decorative items for festivals/public holidays and carnival and other entertainment goods: DKK 27 million.
Source: Eurostat and Confederation of Danish Industry calculations
Topping the list as most popular present are scarves, shawls and belts for girls which with an increase in sales of almost 5,000% in December.
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PUBLISHED: 12/22/2016 LAST MODIFIED: 12/23/2016