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Customize Expatriate Service Agreements

DOCUMENT GENERATOR. Members of DI can now customize and download expatriate service agreements for salaried employees in English. You can customize agreements for both existing employees and newly employed employees who are expatriated.

Customize expatriate service agreements on di.dk

If a Danish company sends an employee to temporarily work abroad it is defined as an expatriation.

Members of DI can now customize and download agreements in English for this purpose.

The new agreements are based on that the employment during the expatriation is governed by Danish law. Therefore you must consider whether it is expedient to agree on Danish law as the governing law, and whether this choice of law is valid according to the laws of the expatriation country.

If you are planning on expatriating an employee, and you need help, you can always contact DI for advice: 3377 3377.

New agreement or appendix to existing agreement

You can choose between two expatriate service agreements in DI Document Generator:

  • An agreement for salaried employees who are not already employees in your company (New employment contract)
  • An agreement for salaried employees who are already employed in your company, but are expatriated as part of their current employment (Appendix to an employment contract)

In addition to the mandatory paragraphs, which all employment contracts must comprise, you can add paragraphs concerning:

  • Expatriation allowance for accompanied family
  • Childcare and school expenses/allowance for children
  • Reconnaissance trip, annual trips home, return trips in the case of death and life-threatening diseases
  • Accommodation and relocation costs as well as audit costs
  • Premature termination due to disturbances in the expatriation country
  • Immunization
  • Work and residence permits

In the agreements you cannot add a non-competition and/or non-solicitation clause. If you need such clauses when you are expatriating an employee, it is important to ensure that the clauses can be maintained in relation to the expatration country’s legislation. We recommend that you contact DI for advice if you need such clauses in an expatriation context.

The expatriate service agreements are available in both English and Danish.

PUBLISHED: 6/27/2016 LAST MODIFIED: 12/24/2016