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Copenhagen champion of family life

Copenhagen is unparalleled when it comes to family life, according to a newly published index from the German-based online housing portal Homeday. Yet still room for improvement, according to DI.
Denmark's capital comes out on top when happiness, safety and polution is ranked by families. Photo: Visitdenmark.

Publiceret: 23.11.2017
Af Sarah Sylvest Murrills mail

The 2017 Best Cities for Families Index ranked Copenhagen first with a score of 8.43 out of 10, ahead of Oslo, Zurich, Stockholm and Hamburg.

“We are very pleased that Copenhagen is ranked the best city for families. The index shows high scores within happiness, safety and pollution, which are all important factors for family life”, says Linda Wendelboe, Head of DI Global Talent at Confederation of Danish Industry.

The survey also brings up a new perspective.

“It is a bit surprising that the score for housing is so high, as it is the general perception, especially among expats, that it can be very challenging to find affordable housing, both when buying real-estate and when renting in Copenhagen”, says Linda Wendelboe.

The index shows that Copenhagen can improve on factors such as cost of living and transportation if the city wants to attract more foreign professionals. Other studies also point to the fact that a good balance between income and cost of living is crucial when foreign professionals choose a career destination.

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“Denmark is often appraised for our work-life balance, but we need to do more to promote Danmark as a career destination for both families and young professionals globally. We have many of the properties that families look for, which this index proves. To leverage that potential, we need to create more awareness about what we have to offer to the international foreign professionals who are in high demand among Danish companies. That is why the Confederation of Danish Industry proposes a national strategy for branding of Denmark as a career destination”, says Linda Wendelboe.

The ranking is based on scores in 15 indicators:

Education System, Housing, Safety, Cost of Living, Unemployment, Pollution, Transportation, Maternity/Paternity Law, Healthcare, Happiness, Kid-friendly Airports, Activities for Kids, Green Spaces, Parents, and Professionals.

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We need to do more to promote Danmark as a career destination for both families and young professionals globally.
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PUBLISHED: 11/23/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 11/23/2017