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Consultancy firms appreciate young graduates

90 percent of the consultancy firms in DI’s corporate panel  have recruited young graduates in the past year.
The consultancy firms are experiencing high demand from home and abroad.

Publiceret: 29.11.2017
Af Peter G. H. Madsen mail

It is not always easy to find a job as a young graduate. However, in the consultancy industry a short CV and a brand new diploma is not in the way of finding a job – on the contrary.

Out of the 48 consultancy firms that have answered  DI’s  corporate panel’s questionnaire, 43 consultants, corresponding to 90 percent, have recruited a young graduate in the past year.

This is good news for companies and young graduates alike, says Director of DI Rådgiverne, Henriette Søltoft.

- It is to the benefit of everybody when the consultancy firms recruit young graduate academics. The consultancy firms help giving the young graduates a good start in their professional life. And, moreover, it is to the benefit of the consultancy firms when they can implement new knowledge and drive in the businesses, she says.

Consultancy firms are busy

According to the latest figures from Statistics Denmark and Akademikerne, the rate of unemployment among the young graduates is approx. 25 percent one year after they have graduated. That is approx. fire times higher than the average rate of unemployment.

In the light of these figures, it is crucial that the consultancy firms 
recruit young graduates, says Director Henriette Søltoft.

- The consultancy industry is thriving and there is high demand for consultancy services and assistance for business development from other industries. Moreover, Danish consultancy firms have increasingly success abroad. This help creating growth and jobs in Denmark which will also be to the benefit of the young graduates, she says.

In the light of these figures, it is crucial that the consultancy firms recruit young graduates

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PUBLISHED: 11/29/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 12/1/2017