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“The best are the most fun to help”

Help with transformations and strategy development makes up a growing part of the consulting sector’s sales to private companies. This is due to good economic times - rather than the desire to change, assesses the consulting group 4IMPROVE A/S.
Managing Partner Bo Dencker, 4IMPROVE A/S, is surprised that some companies forgo investment in consulting, even though he can document both very good payback periods and support of growth ambitions.

Publiceret: 05.04.2017
Af Felix Bekkersgaard Stark mail

Danish companies increasingly use consulting groups to get successfully through transformations and strategy development, show new figures from the Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms.

The study documents that in 2015, this category made up more than a third (36 per cent) of management consultants’ revenue. Between 2010 and 2013, the figure was less than 30 per cent each year.

The consulting group 4IMPROVE A/S is one of the companies that feels the increasing demand, which, in their case, is mostly about transformation of distribution and production apparatuses, supply chain configuration and planning.

“We can feel that the companies have really got their wheels turning. They wish to optimise their production so they can meet the increasing demand from their clients in the best way possible. It would be nice if there was more demand from companies with ambitions of changing in order to adjust to a mutable future. On the other hand, I can understand that the focus is naturally on optimisation when under pressure in everyday operations,” says Managing Partner Bo Dencker, 4IMPROVE A/S.

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There’s always something to be gained

According to Bo Dencker, it is all types of companies that approach them to get an evaluation of their business -  big and small, production companies and trade companies. And there’s something to be gained for all of them, he says.

“The best ones are the most fun to help. Talented and dedicated companies are the ones we can get the furthest with. There are also companies that we’ll never have as clients, because they have too much on their plate. As consultants, we also have a responsibility to tell a company if they’re better off focussing on their core product than securing a streamlining of their production,” says Bo Dencker.

He is, however, surprised that despite the good economic times, some companies still hold back from investing in streamlining.

“The kind of services we supply naturally require a high degree of trust. We have to be able to deliver each time if we’re to maintain our credibility. But some forgo the investment, even though we can document very good payback periods and support of growth ambitions, and that surprises me,” says Bo Dencker.

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IT consulting remains at same level

At the Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms, Henriette Søltoft is also pleased that many companies prepare for the future by investing in consulting services surrounding changes and strategy.

Meanwhile, she is surprised that IT consulting makes up practically the same share of management consultants’ revenue as it has for the past five years.

“Part of the explanation could be that efforts to think digitalisation take place in relation to the entire business and that these projects are therefore included in the transformation and strategy work that companies are purchasing more of from management consultants. But there still ought to be growth in the purchase of IT consulting. This is warranted by all the analyses we have carried out in DI regarding the major need for companies to work with digitalisation, but many are evading it due to lack of resources or the complexity. That is precisely the reason why it will become even more important to be open to bringing in expertise,” says Henriette Søltoft.  

Talented and dedicated companies are the ones we can get the furthest with.
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PUBLISHED: 4/5/2017 LAST MODIFIED: 4/7/2017