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Key Topics

  • Over the years, DI has gained considerable recognition and was recognized by a World Bank review team as one of the top two organisations in the world within its field of expertise.
  • The European system for trade with CO2 quotas is an important and cost-effective tool in green conversion, according to DI.
  • The Global Benchmark Report 2014 is an analysis of the development in the long-term business environment and the performance of individual OECD member countries.
  • The economic decline in Southern Europe appears to have been turned into weak growth, while at the same time growth has increased in Northern Europe.
  • State of Green is the official green brand for Denmark. The brand and its supporting activities work to strengthen international awareness of the solutions and competences of Danish business and industry within energy, climate and environment
PUBLISHED: 3/31/2011 LAST MODIFIED: 7/1/2019