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About DI

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is a private organisation, funded, owned and managed entirely by approximately 11,000 companies within the manufacturing, trade and service industries.

DI is the strong voice of corporate Denmark. On behalf of our Danish member companies, we aim at providing the best possible conditions for growth and competitiveness.

"In order for companies to prepare for the future global market, they need to be accountable and pay close attention to both local and global demands," says Acting Director General, Kim Graugaard."

"The companies increasingly demand more of their employees and of society. This is necessary if Denmark is to remain one of the richest societies in a still more internationalised and knowledge-based economy. All companies face new demands e.g. politicians, organisations and populations expect them to contribute to a sustainable development. An open dialogue across the society is thus vital," says Kim Graugaard.

Our mission

DI aims to provide the best possible corporate conditions for Danish industry.

Our vision

When companies in Denmark win; Denmark wins.

Our organisation

DI's membership is comprised of some 11,000 private enterprises within manufacturing, trade and services covering most sub-sectors. 

In addition, many sectoral employers' associations and branch federations are included in DI's framework and partly or fully integrated in DI.

Moreover, the members of DI in each region constitute a federation, dealing with regional policy as well as educational issues.

Our council

DI is financed and owned by the members and governed by a council and an executive committee elected by the annual general assembly.

Our management

DI's management sets the strategy and coordinates the efforts of its approximately 600 employees to accomplish its objectives.

Our activities

DI's activities are categorized as follows:

  • Policy advocacy - at local, national, and international level.
  • Membership services - information, advisory services and consulting.
  • Network relations - between members and with society at large. 

 Board of management

DI is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE - the Voice of Business in Europe.
DI-publication: Committed Industry

The flexible labour market - protecting people, not jobs, Political influence - dialogue and discussion, Top priorities - political focus, DI in Europe and DI in the world.

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PUBLISHED: 3/9/2009 LAST MODIFIED: 7/1/2019