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You can read more about cookies here and how they are used on DI’s websites.

DI’s use of cookies

When you visit DI’s websites, we place a cookie that can recognise your computer when you browse through the various pages of the site. This is necessary for a number of features on the site, including login, Dit DI and shopping cart. This cookie disappears again from your computer once you leave di.dk.

If you choose the feature “Remember me next time” at login, a cookie is placed to make sure that your login details are remembered at the next visit. This cookie has a lifespan of 3 years.

DI’s websites have various features (such as DInet, TV, mobile) which also use cookies. These cookies, however, are only used to remember you from page to page, and they disappear as soon as you leave the feature and di.dk.

DI’s websites also use cookies for statistical purposes. Read more about user statistics below.

Cookies for statistics

DI’s websites use cookies for site analysis in order to improve our sites. We use the information to compile statistics about usage of our sites and detect inconveniences, in order to improve your user experience.

DI gathers the following data:

  • IP address
  • Pages visited
  • Session time
  • Browser type
  • Operating system
  • Preferred language
  • Your URL
  • Search word ( if you came via a search engine)

DI uses Siteimprove’s cookie for site analysis. The cookie contains no personal information. The cookie contains a randomly generated ID, which is used to recognise your browser when you are reading a page.

This cookie is called ‘nmstat’ in your cookies list and is set to expire 1,000 days after your latest visit.

When you visit a DI website for the first time, you will be asked whether you will allow cookies for user statistics. If you say no, no statistics about your visit will be stored.

At the bottom of this page, you can see your current setting for statistics cookies, and you can change your setting here.

If you want to avoid all cookies, you can read more about how to delete cookies and block new cookies below.

How to delete and block cookies

If you want to avoid cookies altogether, you can use Settings in your browser to delete and block all cookies. You should be aware, though, that many website features (both on DI’s and other sites) rely on cookies and cannot be used if you block cookies.

You would, for example, be unable to use login and Dit DI on our site if cookies were blocked.

Read more about cookies, and how to administer them in different browsers, to the right on this page.

Current setting for cookie

You have not yet choosen to accept or deny using cookies. If you want to change your setting you can do so by clicking below.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that homepages can store in your computer. This is how a website recognises your computer at your next visit.

Cookies, however, are unable to tell any personal details about you, such as who you are or where you live. Furthermore, cookies cannot be used to gather information from your computer, and do not present any risk of virus.

Cookies are necessary for some features, including login and shopping cart, and are used by almost all websites.

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We would recommend that you accept the cookies on our websites as they help us improve the user experience for you and many other users.

PUBLISHED: 5/28/2013 LAST MODIFIED: 3/4/2019