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About Confederation of Danish Industry

DI is a strong voice which is listened to. Currently 10,000 companies have chosen to join forces within DI. DI aims to provide the best working conditions for Danish industry in order to improve the competitive edge.
DI is a combined trade organisation and employers' association

DI is a trade organisation and an employers' association. In its capacity of trade organisation DI ensures that the Danish business community has the optimum basis for competing, developing and manufacturing in Denmark and internationally.

In its capacity of employers' association DI is responsible for collective bargaining, at the national level and within the individual sector or enterprise.

A broad multiplicity of member associations
DI also has more than 100 member associations, as well as multi-trade communities. These cover e.g. the food industry; IT, telecommunication, electronics and communication; the building material industry; the energy industry; the service industry; the automotive industry; the Danish Management Board; the wood and furniture industry and the machinery and metal industry.

DI's 8 trade associations

A constantly evolving organisation

DI is a democratic organisation that is governed by its members and constantly evolves. Members and their requirements have first priority, and consequently committees, networks and professional and political focus areas change to reflect developments in society.

Legally, DI is an association governed by an Executive Commitee and a Central Board, which jointly formulate DI's political views. Members of the Executive Commitee are appointed at the annual General Assembly and elect the Central Board, Chairman and Deputy Chairman from among themselves. All appointments are for one year at a time.

In addition to the elected management, DI has a Board of Management, which handles external relations – e.g. with the press, meetings with politicians and delegation trips. Practical issues in relation to serving the interests of the Danish business community and DI's members are taken care of by DI's employees, headed by the Director General and CEO.

Our mission

To increase awareness of the business environment of enterprises in order to ensure that each individual member can produce and develop under still better conditions.

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Direct: +45 3377 3838
Mobile: +45 6120 2706
E-mail: febsdi.dk