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DI's 2025-Plan

DI wants Denmark to remain a prosperous society with a high degree of both private and public welfare. This require that we make an effort to stay among the richest countries in the world.

This is the reason behind DI’s 2025-plan for Denmark which sets out five strategic objectives, 11 measurable targets and a number of specific policy proposals on how we should develop the Danish society over the next ten years.

We have to get people into jobs and out of passive support; the tax burden should be lowered significantly; the companies need better framework conditions; we have to invest more in research, development, education and infrastructure; and we need a smaller and more efficient public sector.

If the plan is accomplished, it will raise Danish wealth by DKK 130 bill. in 2025, increase employment in the private sector by more than 135,000 full-time employees and as a minimum ensure a primary budget balance in 2025 and beyond.

DI’s plan significantly increases prosperity in 2025

DI proposes comprehensive reforms to increase labor supply and raise productivity. Overall, DI’s reform proposals increase Danish prosperity by DKK 130 bill. (measured by GDP). It will raise the average annual growth in 2017-2025 from 1.6 to 2¼ pct.

DI’s 2025-plan

increases private

employment in particular

DI’s 2025-plan increases labor supply through reforms and reduces growth in public spending by releasing labor from the public to the private sector.

DI’s 2025-plan increases private employment by more than 135,000 people in 2025. In addition, private employment is already - even without DI’s initiatives – expected to grow more than 150,000 people towards 2025. Overall, DI’s plan will lift private employment by more than 285,000 people over the next nine years.



DI’s 2025-plan is fully financed

All proposals in DI’s plan are fully financed. In addition to the existing fiscal space until 2025, funding primarily comes from labor market reforms increasing employment and lowering public expenditures on transfer payments.

The first priority will be to finance tax cuts and investments in research, development, education and infrastructure. 

Furthermore, DI’s 2025-plan ensures sufficient financing of a general raise in government consumption expenditure and of the temporary loss of revenue from DI’s initiative to reorganize car taxes.