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The Danish Arab Partnership Programme

  • What is the Danish Arab Partnership Programme?
    A special initiative launched by the Danish government in 2003. With this initiative Denmark wish to create the foundation for better dialogue with the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
  • Which work does DI undertake as a part of the DAPP?
    With the support from DAPP DI builds the capacity of our sister organizations across the MENA region. Increased capacity means giving the private sector a voice. Business organizations act as the representatives of their member companies and stress their needs to the government.
  • Where does DI work as a part of the DAPP?
    In 2010 a regional network of leading business membership organizations were created. The network is called Arab-EU Business Facilitation Network and seeks promote private sector lead growth across the MENA region. This is done through formulation of common policy positions, development of common services, and through knowledge and best practice sharing. The network had its secretariat established in Amman, Jordan on 1st of January 2015. The secretariat is hosted by Jordan Chamber of Industry.
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The ARAB-EU Business Facilitation Network is an alliance of 15 leading Business Membership Organisations that has pledged to work strategically together, promoting relevant policy issues.
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